Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System

Generic placeholder imageWhen you purchase a Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools, you get more than a warranty to protect your investment. Our patented Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™ sets the industry standard when it comes to giving you peace of mind about the investment you’re making.

Introducing our Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™

Thursday Pools developed the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™ (FPA) to help secure your investment and protect fiberglass pool structures from the risks of hydrostatic pressure caused by ground water. The system is made up of two innovative products; the patented Geo-Anchor Pool Wall and patented Geo-Hydro Valve. Together these innovative products have revolutionized the fiberglass pool industry by providing the only solution that allows a fiberglass pool to be drained safely and still maintain a valid structural warranty.

Why is it Important?

Ground water can cause havoc and have devastating effects on all inground swimming pools. Since its infancy, the fiberglass pool industry’s solution to ground water has simply been to state that fiberglass pools cannot be drained. This is demonstrated by the fact that all fiberglass pool manufacturer warranties, until now, become null and void if the water level in the pool drops below the skimmer opening. While keeping the pool full does protect the structure, at some point every fiberglass pool will be drained, either deliberately or inadvertently. Without exception, every time the pool is drained or the water level is lowered there is some risk involved. Not happy with the status quo, Thursday Pools considered it a challenge to be able to provide you with a warranty that allows your fiberglass pool to be drained.

That challenge led to the invention of the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System and the industry’s only fiberglass pool warranty that allows your fiberglass pool to be drained. Our exclusive Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System eliminates risks accompanying hydrostatic pressure and provides the only means to safely lower or drain the water in a fiberglass pool should a need arise to do so.

How does the FPA Work?

Our Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System prevents the risks of hydrostatic pressure through the combination of two components:

  1. The Geo-Anchor Pool Wall (Patent No. US 9593455)
  2. The Geo-Hydro Valve (Patent No. US 9769045)

The Geo-Anchor Pool Wall prevents wall movement or bulging. The specially formulated geotextile material is infused into the pool wall during manufacturing. It is then rolled up and secured for delivery. During the pool installation, it is rolled out into the backfill and covered, thus anchoring it to the earth. The extension of this material allows the backfill to grip the pool wall to the earth. By anchoring the walls to the earth, the walls of the fiberglass pool will resist movement or bulge providing the strongest fiberglass pool construction available.

The Geo-Hydro Valve relieves outside groundwater pressure and prevents fiberglass pools from floating. If outside groundwater pressure exceeds internal pressure, the Geo-Hydro Valve will open and allow groundwater to enter the pool through a filter. This process allows the pressure to equalize and prevent negative effects associated with groundwater. The valve uses a piston and gland seal, so no special tools or scuba diving are required to access the valve. This valve is maintainable and accessible from the ground level. It’s location on the lower side wall, and easy accessibility removes many of the common drawbacks that are associated with a standard hydrostatic valve.