Getting fit in a swimming pool is fun and doesn’t seem like a workout even though it is! The water, even though it makes you buoyant, provides resistance that helps you get a better cardio workout than if you weren’t working “against” the water itself. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc in Decatur, IL offer 6 easy swimming pool exercises that are ideal whether you’re in shape or are going from couch potato to someone ready to get in shape.

Exercising in a pool is a great way to get in shape without taxing your joints and water walking is an ideal exercise routine to get into. Working against the resistance the water provides offers a greater workout with a higher level of cardio benefit. Water walking increases endurance and gets your heart rate pumping. Water walking is more effective – and less jarring to your joints than walking on land.

A one-mile walk in water is equal to a two-mile walk on land because of the resistance and depending on the weather, you won’t have to work up a sweat while you’re working out.

6 easy swimming pool exercises

Here are a few water walking exercises to try:

  1. Sidestepping, walk sideways through the water. Take large steps, using your arms for balance. Do this move for two minutes before changing to a new workout.
  2. Marching: Take long strides – back and forth – swing your arms at your sides. To increase resistance, use your palms rather than slicing through the water with hands. Again, do this for two minutes
  3. Walking or running: Move through the water while you’re dragging your arms behind you, palms down.
  4. Down run, submerge yourself up to your shoulders and run with small steps. Your arms should be loose in front of you. Alternate this with walking or running in the water.
  5. Lunge: Bend at your knees, and drop your body into the water and take giant steps, using your arms for balance. Keep your spine straight.
  6. Jumping jacks: these are the same as done on land.

Water wrokouts are wonderful aerobics that protects your joints from jarring movements. As with any exercise routine, check with your doctor to make certain you are healthy enough to begin a workout.

These exercises – depending on the depth of your swimming pool – are great for the whole family involved. Making exercise seem like fun is the best way to get everyone involved!