There are just some yards that inspire awe simply by “being.” If you have a yard that does just that and one that takes your breath away then an infinity swimming pool, also called a vanishing edge pool, might be the ideal project for your family. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Decatur, IL offer 5 inifinity pool facts.

An infinity pool is a work of art. This pool amps up the aesthetic appeal of your yard and makes it appear as though the pool is lacking an edge and that the water is simply cascading off into the horizon. It’s breathtaking and dramatic.

5 infinity pool facts

When we construct an infinity edge swimming pool for you, you’re keeping the dramatic sight line of your yard. The unobstructed view that allows you to feel as though you’re swimming right over the edge and into the horizon is a unique feeling.

Here are some facts

  1. These pools do have four walls but the fourth wall is clear. This makes it appear the water is continually spilling over the edge — it’s not, it’s being captured into a basin and returned to the pool.
  2. Infinity pools are constructed of concrete.
  3. Add exotic coping to add to the aesthetic appeal. Consider all of the flow of the deck and outdoor living space when designing the entire project.
  4. Work with a swimming pool contractor with experience and expertise in constructing this unique, sometimes complex, pool. Ask for his portfolio of designs and talk for references.
  5. It’s a fact that once you have your infinity pool, you will likely be moving your indoor living to the out of doors!

Whether you have a yard with a view and want an infinity pool or not, give us a call and let’s talk about your 2022 pool project.

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