You may not have heard, but there has been a chlorine shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It has made chlorine in short supply and the price has risen dramatically in the past eighteen months. Because of that the swimming pool builders from Imperial Pools in Decatur, IL have put together a list of 4 reasons to switch to a saltwater pool.

Your pool can be cleaned with saltwater by using a saltwater chlorine generator. What are some of the benefits of making a switch, other than the cost and shortage of chlorine?

4 reasons to switch to a saltwater pool

  1. It’s healthier water that is kind to your skin, eyes and hair. Your skin will feel silky smooth
  2. The water is healthier because it will have low levels of chlorine (similar to drinking water)
  3. The water remains clean and clear and the maintenance system is easier
  4. Your pool will use less chlorine (the salt water generator does convert some of the salt into chlorine)

The technology works through a natural process that makes air breathable and clean. The Clear Comfort saltwater system we use utilizes a unique hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation process to clean the water. The system generates powerful hydroxyl radicals that destroy contaminants in the water. After that, low levels of hydrogen peroxide pass into the pool offering extra protection.

Give us a call or let’s talk the next time we pay a service visit and see whether an upgrade or change to a saltwater system is right for you.