Swimming pool season is just around the corner for many and as we move into it we have a checklist of 2020 swimming pool rules. The swimming pool contractors from the best pool builders in Champaign, Illinois — Imperial Pools — know that safety hasn’t changed, but a primer at the beginning of each season makes sense.

Children always benefit from a reminder of the rules of the pool. As a pool owner, there is nothing more important to have a swimming pool than to being a responsible pool owner and assuring everyone stays as safe as possible.

2020 swimming pool rules

The rules you put in place for your swimming pool need to be shared with everyone. The rules also need to be reinforced, without exception, every time anyone is in the pool. Don’t let one lapse in judgment or in following the rules lead to an injury or worse in your family pool.

  1. When you’re having a pool party, let everyone know the rules of the pool! Those rules include, at a minimum — no jumping from the diving board if the pool is full; no running on the deck and no cannonballs into the full pool. You may want to send a list of the pool rules along to guests so they can talk with their children about them.
  2. The adults of the children in the pool are responsible for those children. Each parent/family member needs to take an active role in watching the child they brought with them.
  3. If someone can’t swim, they need to wear a life vest. Even a child who can swim, needs to wear a life vest if there is a party going on. You and the parent will need to determine how old the child needs to be before he or she can swim without a life vest — we’d recommend ten years old and younger wear one.
  4. Never swim alone.
  5. Drink water — not alcohol. Swimming and alcohol don’t mix.
  6. Use the bathroom before you get in the pool. Make sure children get out of the pool regularly to use the bathroom. Tell everyone there is a “no peeing in the pool rule.”
  7. If you let people use the diving board during a party, they can only dive from the front and no high jumping.
  8. If there is a slide, they need to go down feet first and the front of the slide needs to be free of swimmers so no one gets injured.
  9. Limit the time spent in a spa. The heated water in the hot tub can lead to dehydration and illness. Children shouldn’t be in a hot tub for more than 10 minutes and children under five years of age shouldn’t be in at all. Adults shouldn’t be in the hot tub for more than thirty minutes at a time.
  10. No running on the pool deck.
  11. No riding toys on the pool deck.
  12. No dogs in the pool during a pool party.
  13. No glass containers on the pool deck.
  14. No one using alcohol is allowed in the pool.
  15. Don’t shove anyone into the pool.

This is just a brief checklist of the pool rules you may want to enforce. Have fun and be safe in the pool.