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Pool Design

  • Exquisite Pools and Spas
  • Elegant Water Features and Falls
  • Romantic Lighting Effects
  • Cozy Fireplaces and Ramadas
  • Functional Outdoor Kitchens

Pool Construction

  • Attention to Detail
  • Rapid Project Completions
  • Accurate Plan Execution
  • Extraordinary Quality Assurance
  • Your Satisfaction Garanteed

Pool Renovation

  • Complete Pool Remodeling
  • Pool Liner Replacement
  • Fiberglass Pool Repair
  • Add A Water Feature
  • Make It More Fun
Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools By Imperial Pools
Best Quality – Best Warranty


Browse the excellent above ground pool options below then call us for suggestions on how to make it better and how to save money on your new pool! 


5 high quality models with warranties up to 60 years including:

The Harmony60 year Limited – 5 Year Full Warranty

The Angeline50 year Limited – 3 Year Full Warranty

The Serenity40 year Limited Warranty

The Inspiration30 year Limited Warranty

The Lancaster20 year Limited Warranty

The Harmony

The Harmony

The Harmony Specifications:

The Harmony - 54 Inch Wall_60 Year Warranty 5 Yr Full800x926

The Angeline

The Angeline - 54 Inch Wall_50 Year Warranty_3 Yr Full800x1035

The Angeline Specifications: 

The Angeline - 54 Inch Wall_50 Year Warranty_3 Yr Full800x923

The Serenity

The Serenity - 52 Inch Wall_40 Year Warranty800x1035

The Serenity Specifications:

The Serenity - 52 Inch Wall_40 Year Warranty2-800x931

The Inspiration

The Inspiration - 52 Inch Wall_30 Year Warranty_3 Yr Full800x1035

The Inspiration Specifications:

The Inspiration - 52 Inch Wall_30 Year Warranty_3 Yr Full2-800x937

The Lancaster

The Lancaster - 52 Inch Wall_20 Year Warranty_2 Yr Full800x1035

The Lancaster Specifications:

The Lancaster - 52 Inch Wall_20 Year Warranty_2 Yr Full2-800x938




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Pool Finishes

Fiberglass Pools—Surface Colors and Water Colors
Choose from one of six HydroStone pool® finishes

HydroStone Pool Finish




HydroStone surface colors have the look of high-end “pebble” finishes without all of the maintenance. This finish gives your pool a stunning visual texture combined with a smooth and maintenance-free surface.

Ask us about the Color Sample Binder with physical samples of each color finish.


Fiberglass Pool Shapes

This groundbreaking line of composite pools is unlike any other on the market, combining aesthetics, low maintenance and a number of proprietary features to create a totally new experience for homeowners. This is not your average swimming pool.  Our pools offer the custom look of concrete pools with the extremely low maintenance of composite pools.

FUSION’s modular construction gives pool builders a wide palette of choices that will be directed by your personal tastes and the physical boundaries of your backyard. The result is a water feature that is beautiful to look at, comforting to hear and entertaining to swim in—a source of enjoyment for you and your family for years to come.

freeform pool

Freeform Pool Shapes

rectangle pool builder Mahomet IL

Rectangular/Linear Pool Shapes

kidney shape pool

Kidney Classic Pool Shapes

Vinyl Pool Shapes

Select A Beautiful Shape For Your Vinyl Pool


Spring Cleaning Package

Typically the most extensive cleaning of your swimming pool is the first of the season. With this in mind Imperial Pools, Inc. has developed its “Spring Cleaning Package” to assist pool owners in making the pool swim ready without breaking a sweat.

Within 24 – 48 hours of the swimming pool Seasonal Opening Imperial Pools, Inc. will perform the below services:

  • Complete cleaning of swimming pool winter scum line around the perimeter of the swimming pool, which is inclusive of entry steps, swim outs, love seats, etc.
  • Inspection of swimming pool equipment to insure proper functionality.
  • Visual inspection of the swimming pools interior surface. NOTE: For vinyl liner swimming pools, Imperial Pools, Inc. will place the liner back into the track for areas that may have come loose at no additional charge.
  • All skimmer baskets, pump strainer baskets, and ADR canister baskets will be emptied and cleaned to insure proper water flow.
  • Pool surface will be hand skimmed and pool walls and steps areas will be brushed.
  • The entire pool bottom will be hand vacuumed with Imperial Pools, Special Debris Catching Canister, for up to two (2) hours.
  • Filtration system will be checked for proper pressure levels and cleaned as necessary.
  • Completion of on-site water analysis with detailed report.

The “Spring Cleaning Package” includes all cleaning chemicals and labor for two (2) employees, up to two (2) Hours.

Only $295.00


On-Site Pool School

Are you new to pool ownership? Do you often stop and stare at your pool and wonder what to do? Imperial Pools, Inc. ” On-Site Pool School ” offers the answers. Imperial Pools will provide an on-site visit with a Certified Service Professional (CSP) specialist. While on-site, the orientation specialist will provide a detailed explanation on operational and maintenance procedures relating to your swimming pool and equipment.

Typical areas that will be addressed during the course of the Pool School consist of:

  • Chemical addition practices
  • Chemical analysis
  • Cleaning
  • Filtering
  • Heater (where applicable)
  • Plumbing, and valves
  • Preventative maintenance

Ideally Imperial Pools, Inc. ” On-Site Pool School ” is designed to answer many of the common questions concerning the above issues; however our orientation specialist will also provide the answers to any questions that may arise during the course of the on-site visit.

Our Certified Service Professional (CSP) will supply supplemental literature for your equipment as needed to serve as reminders and reference points. You will be provided a special HOTLINE to call for any questions that arise in the future.

On-site Pool School – $115.00


Seasonal Pool Closing


Seasonal Pool Opening

Complete Seasonal Pool Opening Package Includes:

  • Complete sweeping, removal and folding of pool cover.
  • Following the removal of the cover, we will take out all of the return line winter plugs, skimmer winter plugs and gizzmos used for the winter months and replace them with the pools directional nozzles.
  • All skimmer(s), pump(s) and ADR baskets will be put back into place.
  • The filter(s) and heater(s) will be reassembled and checked for leaks.
  • All handrail(s), ladder(s) and diving board(s) will be put back into place.
  • After the pool is operational, it will be vacuumed with Imperial Pools Special Debris Catching Canister for up to thirty (30) minutes.
  • Seasonal Pool Opening *Chemicals will then be added to the water to begin the water balancing process and aid in water clarity.

* All seasonal pool opening chemicals needed are based on your pool water chemistry (water balance) at the time of service.  If you DO NOT want Imperial Pools to sell you chemicals at the time of service then please note that in the comments box.