Spring Cleaning Package

Typically the most extensive cleaning of your swimming pool is the first of the season. With this in mind Imperial Pools, Inc. has developed its “Spring Cleaning Package” to assist pool owners in making the pool swim ready without breaking a sweat.

Within one week of the swimming pool Seasonal Opening Imperial Pools, Inc. will perform the below services:

  • Complete cleaning of swimming pool winter scum line around the perimeter of the swimming pool, which is inclusive of entry steps, swim outs, love seats, etc.
  • Inspection of swimming pool equipment to insure proper functionality.
  • Visual inspection of the swimming pools interior surface. NOTE: For vinyl liner swimming pools, Imperial Pools, Inc. will place the liner back into the track for areas that may have come loose at no additional charge.
  • All skimmer baskets, pump strainer baskets, and ADR canister baskets will be emptied and cleaned to insure proper water flow.
  • Pool surface will be hand skimmed and pool walls and steps areas will be brushed.
  • The entire pool bottom will be hand vacuumed with Imperial Pools, Special Debris Catching Canister, for up to one (1) hours.
  • Filtration system will be checked for proper pressure levels and cleaned as necessary.
  • Completion of on-site water analysis with detailed report.

The “Spring Cleaning Package” includes all cleaning chemicals and labor for two (2) employees, up to two (2) Hours.

Only $295.00


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