When Spring Arrives It’s Time To Open The Pool

A “pool opening” is the ritual we perform once the dangers of a freeze have past.  It is best to get a call to schedule your service early as the schedule gets full as May approaches.

Your Pool Opening Package Includes:

  • Complete sweeping, removal and folding of pool cover.
  • Following the removal of the cover, we will take out all of the return line winter plugs, skimmer winter plugs and gizzmos used for the winter months and replace them with the pools directional nozzles.
  • All skimmer(s), pump(s) and ADR baskets will be put back into place.
  • The filter(s) and heater(s) will be reassembled and checked for leaks.
  • All handrail(s), ladder(s) and diving board(s) will be put back into place.
  • After the pool is operational, it will be vacuumed with Imperial Pools Special Debris Catching Canister for up to thirty (30) minutes.
  • Seasonal Pool Opening *Chemicals will then be added to the water to begin the water balancing process and aid in water clarity.

* The seasonal pool opening chemicals needed are based on your pool water chemistry (water balance) and volume at the time of service.  If you DO NOT want Imperial Pools to sell you the chemicals required to restore “balance” in the pool at the time of service, please make a note informing us in the comments box.  Unless informed otherwise we will perform the task and add the required chemicals.