Pool Anchoring System

Introducing Our Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System

A Fiberglass Pool with our exclusive Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System is the only pool available that protects your investment by warrantying the pool shell even when drained.

Our Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System accounts for hydrostatic pressure through the combination of two components:

1.  The Geo-Hydro Valve

2.  And The Geo-Anchor Pool Wall


How Common Is Ground Water Around Inground Pools?

Just to be clear, there is a cavity that is filled with gravel or sand around the outside of pool shells. The water that fills that cavity is what we are referring to as ground water.

The majority of inground pools do have a significant amount of ground water around them, even where there is not a high water table. This is because in many cases surface water migrates down into the bowl that exists around the outside of the pool. So, you may live in an area well above sea level and chances are you will have ground water around your pool.


How Does The FPA Work? 

The Geo-Hydro Valve

What you’re seeing in the picture to the right is the outside of the fiberglass pool shell with The Geo-Hydro Valve attached.  The entire void you see between the pool shell and the earth is filled with clean gravel.

After the pool is fully installed and groundwater fills the void, it passes through the short section of black drain pipe into the white PVC valve housing that extends to the top of the pool. When enough ground water is present to exert pressure on the pool shell, a pressure sensitive valve inside the housing opens allowing the water from outside of the pool to pass inside the pool through the small white pipe that connects the valve to the pool.

In simple terms, The Geo-Hydro Valve makes it virtually impossible for the hydrostatic pressure exerted from ground water outside of the pool to damage the pool shell in any way. It’s like a ground water sentinel that stands guard over your pool twenty-four seven.

We are so confident in this system that we warranty our pools with the FPA system even when drained.


The Geo-Anchor Pool Wall

The second component of The Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System is our Geo-Anchor Pool Wall. In the past, when fiberglass pools without the FPA were drained, the walls required bracing across the width of the pool to support them from bowing in. This is because typical fiberglass pools rely on the water to support the pool, therefore they are engineered to be full of water.

Fiberglass pools with The Geo-Anchor Pool Wall are completely different. Have you ever seen a really tall retaining wall and wondered how in the world it can stand all the force against it?  The secret is actually behind the surface of the wall, in a product called geogrid.

The geogrid ties the wall material back into the hillside behind it as seen in the image to the right.

Our Geo-Anchor Pool Wall utilizes the same principle. The geo-fabric, which is actually glassed into the pool shell is unrolled and sandwiched between layers of backfill. This locks the pool wall into the backfill material and insures that the pool wall will never move. For the first time, a fiberglass pool exists that can remain just as structurally sound empty as when it is full of water.